Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need.

My closest friend is my husband.  He is my rock, my sounding board.  He is a blessing in my life and our children’s.

It shouldn’t amaze me how God works, but it always does.  How He moves things into place for two people to meet.  I almost took a job at another school the year Scott and the girls moved into my old school district.  I had had the interviews with the principal and the school board, had accepted the job, when Mr. Prugh called me about an aide position at Green Forest.  I love my old school and naturally was excited to go to work there.  Once there, I met the girls.  They were sweet little things (still are…but I might be biased now, lol) and I met their dad.  He came on a field trip and we talked the entire time.

Three years later (and one year of marriage), I can definitely say he is my closest friend.  Thank you Lord for bringing us together.


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